Just half an hour from the southern outskirts of the city of Quito, at KM 20 of the route Aloag –Santo Domingo, on the Western mountain range and part of the Illinizas Reserve, we will find the private reserve Bombolí. It has 3000 meters of altitude and more than 120 hectares of upper mountain forest. This amazing reserve has been conserved and cared for by a couple of nature lovers, Marianita and Oswaldito. They have spent more than thirty years of their lives realizing their great passion: Making Bombolí a place of indescribable beauty that can show us that, with patience and love, we can make this world a better place.


  • Millenarian trees
  • Forest of giant ferns
  • More than 200 varieties of wild orchids
  • More than 150 species of birds
  • More than 16 beautiful waterfalls.
  • Over 10 km of trails with many species of flora and fauna
  • Meals with produce from the family garden
  • Orchids Hospital
  • Share experiences with the hosts of the reserve

This adventure begins very early when our guide will pick you up and take you to this paradise. Just a 30 minute ride from Quito, is the private Ecological Reserve Bombolí which welcomes us with a unique peaceful environment that only nature can provide in its purest form.

Our first adventure will be a two hour hike to an ancient fern forest of indescribable beauty, filled with giant ferns that are the main protagonists of this surreal landscape. On the way, we will enjoy discovering trails surrounded by over 200 species of orchids, begonias and countless other species that grow richly in this area. Our final destination is a small waterfall of about 5 meters in height located in the center of this forest. The vast ecosystem of natural richness and breathtaking beauty is the result of years of care and conservation by the owners.

After this experience, we will return to the country house where we will have a delicious lunch, made with natural and organic products, which have been planted and harvested mostly in the garden of the family.
After lunch, we can choose from one of the recreational activities offered here. One is the production of cheese which has been prepared here with dedication for years, resulting in a product of excellent quality and taste. Furthermore we can visit the garden where we will see the bold “Bombolí” idea of reusing tires as pots, creating microclimates capable of giving life to sick plants. We will also see a large variety of other plant species, such as lettuce, lemon, mint, onion, lemon verbena, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, leek, red alder, lemon, elderberry, and much more.

Before our return, we will have a delicious hot coffee around the fireplace where we can share our experiences and listen to the anecdotes and tales of our hosts.