At Bombolí we offer an array of activities so there will never be a dull moment. You can choose from hikes in the area, outing on horses, visit to the orchid’s hospital, handicrafts, and the making of cheeses and jams. We also can arrange activities in the surrounding areas if you would like to step off the reserve, for example a visit to a nearby Hacienda or a trekking adventure on the borders of the property.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will love our adventure activities. We offer hikes to over 13 waterfalls in the area as well as walks along the fern covered pathways. In the area of 190 acres total, there is plenty of room for walks without repeating the scenery. Horseback rides are also available on the reserve for a change in pace. Riding through the pathways gives a different perspective on the environment and allows a better view of the higher vegetation. For a little more extreme adventure we also have the option of rafting. Rafting activities are done off the reserve but are arranged by us!

A strong point here at Bombolí is definitely the cuisine. We offer all natural and organic food to our passengers. The reserve has its own garden and livestock so about 60% of all the food prepared and served is from their own harvest. Marianita does all the cooking and has gained the admiration of all visitors. Apart from preparation of meals she also does preparation of cheese, jams and marmalades, condensed sweet milk, chocolate and butter. You can participate in the making of these products to experience firsthand the work that goes into each commodity.

To help reduce stress and become one with nature, take advantage of our good-life visits. Being on the reserve itself will certainly bring you down to earth but there are extras that are worthwhile. Paying a visit to the orchid’s hospital will lift your spirits seeing how they regain life through the care and love of Oswaldito. The organic garden is always open for visitors as well; there you can have a taste of fresh lemon lettuce! Furthermore, let your creativity shine doing handicrafts. Accompany Oswaldito in making handmade furnishings such as tables, mirrors and chairs. All the above mentioned activities are definitely going to leave you feeling at peace with yourself as well as with nature.

In addition to the activities offered in Bombolí we can arrange some that are off the reserve. A visit to a rose plantation that is nearby is one option, where you can see the beauty of how Ecuador’s famous roses are grown. Another option is to make a trip to a Hacienda combined with a horseback riding trip through the Andes mountain range. An interesting visit to the Indigenous community of the Tsachilas in Santo Domingo is a wonderful interactive option! Rafting adventures are also available.