Bomboli Cloud Forest is committed to a sustainable approach for tourism grounded in the proper use of the natural landscape and the support of its local economy, offering the traveler a unique and localized experience.The house and infrastructure are completely made from wood that comes from renewable forest plantations of the region to prevent the harvesting of primary forests. Water comes from the natural creeks and springs that flow through the forest. Ninety percent of the energy the Ecolodge uses comes from clean sources; however, propane is needed for hot water showers because of the lack of energy.

Most of the food offered is grown and processed in their organic farm. In the past development agencies promoted the plantation of foreign tree species, as can be seen along the road that comes into the house. We are currently committed to the restoration of cloud forest ecosystems through the planting of native trees and other natural vegetation that is important for local wildlife and for our neutral carbon commitment.

The makeup of the ecosystem continues to change and enrich itself with the interactions of the natural vegetation with local wildlife. This modification combined with our expertise in forest ecology and agro forestry systems, and our philosophy of life, to live simply and in harmony with nature, is continuously shaping our approach to how we manage the reserve on a daily basis, and give the visitor a truly unique experience that integrates all the necessary elements.