Nearly after 9 years of restoration efforts, Oswaldito and Marianita made the decision to open their creation and home to the tourism industry. Maintaining an ecological reserve demands a lot of time, attention and of course revenue. Both saw it as an opportunity to share their accomplishments with the world. The tourism was not and is not a constant and dependable income; however it contributes greatly to their economy. Oswaldito enjoys teaching and spreading as much awareness as possible. Marianita said “Aqui se ve la mano del hombre y el trabajo que se ha hecho”, which means that here at the reserve you can see the manual labor and the hard work that went into the land. The reserve does not and has never received any financial help from institutions and it is very hard to uphold such a large piece of land between two people. They also saw the chance to make a profit from their homemade products and livestock. They wanted to industrialize their cheese, jams, chocolate, caramelized condensed milk, butter and yogurt in an artisanal way. All the proceeds go to the maintenance of the reserve.

This tedious and rigid undertaking with time unfortunately took a toll on Oswaldo´s health, and at one point the couple thought seriously about selling the reserve. With much refusal and hesitation from their children, the couple decided against it. Their daughter said to them “mi papá está en cada hoja aquí”, meaning, my father is a part of every leaf here, which made them realize that they could not sell what they put so much dedication and love into over the years. Because of this wise decision, we can still enjoy the delights and enchantment of this unspoiled seventh heaven today!