Family & Biography

Welcome to the Ecological Reserve Bombolí Cloudforest. This beatiful reserve is cared for by an Ecuadorian couple who firmly believes in the conservation and preservation of nature. Oswaldo (Oswaldito) Haro Aguirre, 72, and his wife Mariana (Marianita) Pérez, 62, bought this property over 34 years ago with only one goal in mind, to restore the land. Never did they imagine that the reserve would gain such recognition. The name “Bombolí” was second in line for this paradise, first was “El Eden” or “Eden” but Oswaldito was not satisfied with the name. He thought the name should be more significant, which is why he chose “Bombolí” keeping it basic and naming it after the hill it is on. The hill has a shape like a “bomba” or a balloon.

Oswaldito spent his entire life on a farm always dedicated to the looking after of livestock, veterinarian work, ecological and biological work, so daily life in Bombolí was nothing new for him. Marianita also grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Quito and always had a passion for animals. However, all the knowledge that she has gained aside from animal care, she has learned through hands on experience side by side with her husband.

With their three children, they made the caring for Bombolí a family practice. When they purchased the land, it was barren and the only green that existed was a primary forest in the highlands of the property. Together, they sowed each tree, flower and plant with such delicacy and love that about 10 years later they began to see the progress of what is now Bombolí. They viewed this act as a way to grow spiritually and humanely and wished to instill those characteristics in their children for future generations. Read more...