It is a paradise where each visitor may enjoy the humid mountain forest, 10Km of naturally cultivated orchids, thousand year old ferns, and because of the presence of wild mountain turkeys, we can appreciate a bird rich zone with about 150 different varieties that live the whole year round. It is close to the volcanoes: Corazon, Illinizas, Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Pasochoa and Pichincha.

Magical waterfalls surge from subterraneous water reserves.
The cloud forests of the Bombolí area are in the Tropical Andes biological Hotspots. Though only the sixth of the largest hotspot, the Tropical Andes is considered the single richest hotspot on the planet, containing approximately 15-17% of the world's plant species and nearly 20% of its bird diversity (1,666).

Significant portions of these mountain forests are cloud forests. According to the United Nation's World Conservation Center, cloud forests comprise only 2.5% of the world's tropical forests; approximately 25% are found in the Andean region. For these reasons, they are considered to be on top of the list of threatened ecosystems. Furthermore, they play an oversized role in the protection of water resources - with several of the largest world's cities relying on them for their drinking water.